About Us

Our History

Namsan Corporation, a Vietnamese JSC specializing in agricultural products, came from humble beginnings. Established in 2005 as a small firm with little capital, Namsan Corp. had but one goal in mind: to become a major player in Vietnamese agricultural exports. To us, exceptional credibility and uncompromising quality are the essential ingredients to steady growth and success. Perhaps it is due to this commitment that over the last decade, Namsan had gained the respect of industrial peers and truly propelled to become one of Vietnamese leaders in agricultural exports.


Why Namsan?

Achieving success of this magnitude isn’t easy. Starting from within, Namsan’s dedicated and highly experienced staff work tirelessly to ensure a business ecosystem that simply works. Across the lush landscapes of Vietnam, Namsan constantly and selectively seeks out suitable farmers to offer the international market with world-class agricultural products that are trustworthy in origin and highest in quality. On the front end, our expert quality assurance team, located in Vietnam and Japan, work closely with renowned logistic partners all over the world to ensure punctual delivery time.

Each and every product line of Namsan is always guaranteed to met or exceed the expectation of the most demanding clients, whom span across the United States, Germany, Japan, etc. This is especially true for custom products where special attention and modern touch are mandatory. Meeting the most stringent demands, Namsan invests heavily into state-of-the-art equipment and modern manufacturing process, in which some of the highest standards in the world are met with ease: FSSC 22000, JAS, UTZ, ISO, SGS, and USDA Organic. Namsan’s agir-products are then distributed globally by our headquarter in Vietnam and managed by our US subsidiary.


Our Vision

In this sense, Namsan JSC Corporation’s products are then the synthesis of the East and the West, the marriage between traditional farming culture and modernized manufacture technology, the work environment where pleasantry, enthusiasm, and dedication are interchangeable. For us, introducing Vietnamese agricultural products to the world is the single driving force of our happiness, satisfaction, and above all, pride.


Our Pledge

In order to strengthen this platform of solidarity and maintain constructive spirit, Namsan vows to engage in intensive research efforts in engineering, technology and international standard system to always remain a strategic leader in the dynamic global market, deserving of our reputation as an expert on holistic health solutions and environmentally sustainable agriculture.

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